VEGAS – Based on a True Story – Amir Naderi

VEGAS - Based on a True Story - Amir Naderi and Susan BrennanWith renowned independent filmmaker, Amir Naderi (The Runner, Sound Barrier, Cut), I co-wrote the script for Amir’s tenacious story about a working class family on the outskirts of Las Vegas who struggle when faced with a scam.

Vegas premiered in competition at the Venice, 2008 & Tribeca, 2009 Film Festivals. I learned much from Maestro Naderi during our meetings when he would cook me soup and serve a very potent black tea. I was also illuminated on my research trip to Las Vegas tooling around the truck-stop casinos, trailer parks and off-the-strip diners.

Some other festivals Vegas screened at include:  Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, Pusan International Film Festival, Mar del Plata Film Festival, Tokyo FILMeX, Bratislava International Film Festival, Febio Film Festival, CineVegas International Film Festival, Paris Cinéma, Vancouver International Film Festival, Warsaw Film Festival, Vienna International Film Festival

Vegas - Based on a True Story - Amir Naderi and Susan Brennan