Chapbook “numinous” forthcoming

cover_emailI am thrilled to announce my chapbook, numinous, will be forthcoming from Finishing Line Press.  These are poems I wrote over the last ten years, bringing together a range of influences, events and obsessions.

I would greatly appreciate if you could put in a pre-order – the book will go to print once 50 pre-orders are made.  I’ll even buy you a beer.  Or coffee.  Or chocolate.

Thank you so much in advance – I look forward to sharing these poems with you and will have a launch party sometime this summer.  I appreciate your support and hope you enjoy!

Order your copy today:
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* Note – all pre-orders ship July 25th


Susan Brennan has the guts to dig into joy even amid the disaster and weirdness of life in a human body. Her poems are hard as a “wolf tooth” and tender as “a boat of songs and kisses,” usually in exactly the same instant. Through the harrowing chores we are borne to these poems are tough talk, flirty whispers, jocular and divine.
~ Kazim Ali, author of Sky Ward, The Far Mosque, The Fortieth Day, and Quinn’s Passage.

Susan’s poems are the wanderer’s songs of wonder. They are suites where smokers gossip, lovers linger, and knights in shining armor are swept aside on the subway. They are songs of urban troubadour of mud and earth and sex. They look to the sky, hopefully but without innocence.
~ Daniel Nester, author of How to Be Inappropriate and God Save My Queen I and II

As the title poem suggests, what we will experience in these pages is the deeply spiritual effect that language and the images it creates can cause. “At first you think you want to know the meaning of everything, / and then it doesn’t stop.”  I highly recommend you join Susan on this poignant, deep and strangely warm quest.
~ Steve Dalachinsky, author of A Superintendent’s Eye, Trial and Error in Paris, and spoken word albums.