Chromoluminarism – Georges Seurat piece at Dixon Place


Chromoluminarism is a collaboration of artists building a multi-media, circus based piece about Georges Seurat’s last painting, “The Circus” and a dramatic portrayal of Seurat’s final days while painting “The Circus.” The piece explores Seurat’s personal life, pointillism, and his relationship with the circus world. Aerialists and meticulous costumes merge with live and recorded text, soundscapes, projections and music to create a kinetic atmosphere between color, movement, sound, and light. Delving into Seurat’s color theories to inspire a supernatural ambiance, Chromoluminarism explores the elusive quest of the artist.

Our next performance is a work-in-progress featured at Dixon Place, Thursday February 26th, 2015 7:30pm – prepare to be dazzled!!

Maia Ramnath, Sato Shikata, Megan Cattau, Ralph Artieda – aerialists from the Constellation Moving Company, projections by Satellite, music by Michael Feld and Ira Gamerman, costumes by Jennifer Kirschman and Odelia Tov and poem built by me!

check out some high-lights from the show!  footage by Dixon Place & Ram Devineni