Collapsable Giraffe

Collapsable Giraffe 's "Witch Mountain, Black Tarantula" 2001

Collapsable Giraffe ‘s “Witch Mountain, Black Tarantula” 2001









I was lucky enough (and crazy enough) to work with Collapsable Giraffe for several shows.  Directors Jim Findlay and Amy Huggans led performers through some bewitching wormholes – including this show, “Witch Mountain, Black Tarantula” 2001.  Yes, that’s me in drag with the rock’n’roll dolphin, Chet Mazur at The Collapsable Hole in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  The set was a Findlay, pirate ship masterpiece, sprinkled with Kathy Acker text, “Escape from Witch Mountain” dialogue & plot lines, searing music by Iver Findlay.  Photo by Hiroyuki Ito.