Chromoluminarism – October 2017



Aerialists, projectionists, poets and musicians enliven Seurat’s “The Circus” and his quest for light and color.





Chromoluminarism is a multi-media, circus based piece about Seurat’s last painting, “The Circus” and a dramatic portrayal of Seurat’s final days, pointillism, and his relationship with the circus world. Aerialists, costumes, text, soundscapes, projections and music merge to create a kinetic atmosphere between color, movement, sound, and light.


We dramatize Seurat’s color theories and the events surrounding the end of his life to create a theatrical and visually dynamic stage piece. It is an impressionistic, non-linear narrative collage told through poems, video imagery and circus arts. Audiences experience a dreamy, kind of “Psychedelic Seurat” mash-up of his creative obsessions as an artist, socialist, and family man.


Video art design by Crystal Thompson, choreography by Constellation Moving Company, poem by Susan Brennan, lighting by Alexander Bartinieff, music by Michael Fletcher and Michael Feld