Poetry Clothesline at Solid Sound 2019!

Poems on the fly hung out to dry! WanderWord’s Poetry Clothesline project at this year’s Solid Sound Music Festival: fifteen 100 foot poems over 3 days; all custom written for the music, art and MASS MoCA vibe! At this year’s Solid Sound there was a multitude of muses and WanderWord had plenty to versify. A couple of our lines got wetter than expected and words blew away with the thunder, but hey, that’s the nature of poetry…

sunrise: wake all the woozy willow muses – the day’s maze is about to begin
Quoting the wild Cheryl Strayed … The universe, I learned, was never, ever kidding.
if you’re having trouble breathing in, take a hit of her super turbine telecaster tone – line for Courtney Barnett
welcome to tonight’s constellation of stories, songs and quixotic samosa quests – shimmer on!
Jay & Jae – dynamic duo hanging the letter with lightning speed.
Megan and Tyler holding down the line – even in thunder! Special thanks to Skyline Clothesline for their sturdy pulleys & cable!!
Ed and Brody pinning up words… special thanks to Becks Printing for those lovely letters!
Fashion statement…
in the radio sky tonight, sacred figure 8’s fall in shiny, swarf curls
“Going to the Feelies this evening, Henry?” – Aldous Huxley
WanderWord team 2019
Clothespin Poet!