Verse – A Poetic Murder Mystery

I worked with Ram Devineni to create this award winning webisode featured on Koldcast WebTV which has over 1 million hits.  I had a blast writing the script starring Jon Sans, poet extraordinaire, and various infamous downtown New York poets.  With his Canon 5D, Ram’s eye-level documentary style portrays the gritty New York streets with a fresh and invigorating signature.  Performances by Bob Holman, John Giorno, Angel Nafis, Mark Greenfield, Taylor Mead, Eileen Miles, Lamont B. Steptoe, Angel Nafis, Julie Berndt, Sophie Holman and music by stellar Shira E & the Tiny Tornadoes – to work with these folks was simply inspiring.

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“VERSE packs some onamatopoaic mystery, metaphoric wildness, and the poetry story line is in the mouths and imagination of some very talented folks. Kudos to Ram Devineni for taking the syllables and images of verse to the movies.” – Anne Waldman, The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics.

LA Web Series Festival - Verse


LA Webseries Festival Winner for Best Script in a Dramatic Webseries: Susan Brennan and Best Musical Score in a Dramatic Webseries: Shira Erlichman. Selected for 2011 International TV Festival in Los Angeles.


Verse - a Poetic Murder Mystery - Susan Brennan